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Who are we

DTK Road A/S is a subsidiary in DTK Group. We stem from Dansk Transport Kompagni, and thus we have more than 30 years’ experience in which honesty, business acumen, pride and teamwork are the staple elements in our makeup. The honest and customer-oriented approach has always characterised our approach to our customers and continues to do so today.

DTK Group is based on a partnership model in which the companies in the group have experienced, ambitious and passionate employees as co-owners. This means that in addition to dry goods transport throughout Germany and Northern Europe, DTK Road A/S is also able to offer a wide range of solutions within refrigerated and frozen transport, time-critical transport of fresh produce along with freight-forwarding and warehousing/logistics tasks through our sister companies both domestically and abroad.


At DTK Road we live by the motto “we say what we do, and we do what we say”. This means, that you always can trust the deal we’ve made, and be sure that we will solve your transport task, in a way that matches your needs exactly. At DTK Road, our word is our bond and an agreement is always binding – even when it involves services from other of our firms in our parent company, DTK Group. For this reason, some of our core values are trust, reliability and a good communication. This means, that if you call us, you can always be sure, that someone will pick up the phone, the same way that you will be kept updated and informed about your freight throughout the process. We call that “quality all the way”, and it’s something we are proud to live up to.


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Bobby Helberg
Managing Director
T: +45 73 67 02 40
E: info@dtk-road.dk

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DTK Road A/S
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