Less than Truck Loads – LTL transport

Less than Truck Loads and general cargo – LTL transport

Regardless of whether you need general cargo or less than full truckloads of goods to be delivered to destinations in Scandinavia or Northern Europe, DTK Road A/S is the ideal transport partner. We have more than 100 vehicles with daily departures to all the countries in Scandinavia, Germany and Benelux. So we always have a truck going in the direction you need. Contact us today and get space on the next departure.

If you wish to send or collect general cargo or partial loads – so-called Less than Truck Load or LTL transports – to or from a customer or business partner throughout Scandinavia, Germany or Benelux, you need a transport partner who can deliver dry goods securely and on time. At the same time, it’s nice to be able to follow the goods en route and to receive a message as soon as the goods are delivered at the customer’s address.

If you choose DTK Road A/S as your transport partner of less than full truckloads or general cargo, you can be sure that we live up to all your requirements. At the same time, you can be sure that the goods will be picked up and delivered at the agreed time. We offer all kinds of Less than Truck Loads (LTL) and general cargo carriage.

We carry everything within LTL batches and general cargo

At DTK Road A/S we’re specialists in carrying all types of dry goods, e.g.:

  • paper
  • building materials
  • elements for the wind turbine industry
  • steel
  • machinery
  • industrial goods
  • hazardous goods

and all sorts of other types of dry goods. If you need transport of products other than dry goods or need something delivered to the rest of Europe, we can also take care of this through the sister companies in DTK Group, which is our parent company. Together, we have more than 250 vehicles at our disposal that drive to all countries in Europe and Scandinavia with all types of goods.

Get the best and most secure transport of less than full truck loads and general cargo

At DTK Road A/S we have some of the most modern and reliable equipment available on the market. The majority of our equipment is rarely more than 3 years old before it’s replaced, and all trucks are equipped with GPS control and tracking. This enables both you and us to follow your goods all the way, regardless of where they are on the route.

At the same time, you know that your goods will be carried safely and with care on equipment that’s designed specifically for the transport of the type of partial truck loads and general cargo you’re sending.

We have:

  • XL trailers with adjustable height roof for volume transport
  • ADR-certified and A-certified equipment
  • Joloda and PaperLiner trailers for paper transport
  • Box and climate containers for sensitive, high-value and temperature-regulated goods

Furthermore, we’ve been approved to deliver to practically all ports and airports in Benelux, Germany and Scandinavia.

Get a permanently assigned contact person that knows both your business and the transport business

At DTK Road A/S it’s always the same, permanently assigned contact person you speak to every time you order transport of your dry goods. These are people who’re passionate about freight-forwarding and transport, and who’ve been in the business for many years. So they know what they’re talking about and about the business itself.

Therefore they also have the requisite decision-making competence to arrange your transport so that you get what you want. This is possible because we have a flat and very service-minded structure at DTK Road A/S and our sister companies. You can therefore be sure that what you agree with your contact will be followed to the letter.

Book your first transport today

Irrespective of which LTL or general cargo transport you need, contact us today. We always find a solution you can count on. Use the contact form here on the site, call +45 73 67 02 40 or send a mail to info@dtk-road.dk.


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