FTL transport – Full-load deliveries

FTL transport to Scandinavia and Northern Europe

If you need a Full Truck Load of dry goods to be delivered to a customer in Denmark, Scandinavia or Northern Europe, DTK Road A/S is the ideal business partner. We have more than 100 vehicles with daily departures to all the countries in Scandinavia, Germany and Benelux. So we always have a truck close to the location from where your dry goods are to be transported.

Full Truck Load – or FTL – transport is the professional term for full truckloads of dry goods that are to be driven from your firm and delivered to another firm. The load can consist of many pallets with goods that the customer has ordered or large machine components or construction parts that require special transport on a truck.

Of course, in such cases you’ll prefer to collaborate with a transport partner that has the right equipment and the requisite size to be able to reach the destinations you need.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to follow your dry goods all the way to the customer and receive a message from the carrier as soon as the goods have been delivered to the customer’s address. This means that you know that the goods have arrived and you can send the customer an invoice.

Peace of mind and correct transport with DTK Road A/S

If you choose DTK Road A/S, you get a transport partner with the required muscle and the most modern technology – and, most important of all, the right equipment to transport your dry goods. If you deliver, for example,

    • paper
    • large building materials or construction elements
    • elements for the wind turbine industry
    • steel or steel structures
    • industrial machinery and goods
    • large machines for the building and construction industry
    • hazardous goods
    • other articles and types of goods that require specialist transport equipment

or other types of dry goods, it’s important that the carrier has the right transport equipment.

We have this at DTK Road A/S – and if you need transport of products other than dry goods, we can also take care of this through the sister companies in DTK Group, which is our parent company.

This means that we are a one-stop transport partner that can meet all transport needs regardless of how unusual the goods are that we shall carry.

We thus have the following available:

  • Joloda and PaperLiner trailers for paper transport
  • Box trailers for sensitive, high-value dry goods
  • XL trailers with height adjustable roof for volume transport

All equipment is ADR-certified and A-certified, in addition to which we’ve been approved to deliver to practically all ports and airports throughout Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

We say what we do, and we do what we say

If you ask our customers, the main advantage of working with DTK Road A/S is that we say what we do, and do what we say. Your permanently assigned contact at DTK Road A/S has been in the freight-forwarding and transport business for many years, is passionate about their work and has the requisite decision-making competence to carry out the agreements that you make.

Your contact doesn’t have to ask anyone for permission, nor does he or she lack the required insight into the special requirements that you need. You get a dedicated person who knows their business and only makes promises that they know they can keep.

So if you want easy, straightforward and no-worry transport of your dry goods, then contact DTK Road A/S today and get the full-load transport solutions that precisely match your needs.


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